counseling center for women after sexual violence
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Terms of use

the online consulting of the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. offers support and consult to girls and women from the age of 16 who experience sexual violence or have experienced it in the past. It also addresses supporters and professionals.

The consults are anonymous, easily accessible and free of charge.

Registration for our online counselling

You have to log in in order to use our offer. You need a username (nickname) and a password that you chose. Please keep the username and password safe. Each time you want to read your messages and answers, you have to log into the system. For that, you need your username and password.

Personal data

Your data is kept confidential.

All your data is only used in relation to the counselling.


In case of technical issues, please contact our provider AYGOnet directly via email. Email:

If you don’t agree with the consult, please contact the bff’s arbitration board directly.


Limitations of online counselling

Online counselling doesn‘t replace therapy.

You can find further offers of the Frauennotruf Bielefeld here.

You can find further offers of assistance here.

Unauthorized access to the counselling server

In case of serious violations of our terms of use and in case of unauthorized access or access attempts to the counselling server, we will take legal action and file a police report.

Changes of terms of use

Changes of terms of use will be published here.

Caution! If you do not agree with the terms of use, you should not make use of the online counselling.


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