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Victim compensation

According to the crime victims compensation law [“Opferentschädigungsgesetz” (OEG)], you can apply for various compensations…

… if you are a victim of rape or severe sexual assault.

… if you have been severely harmed psychologically / physically / economically by the violent crime.

You can file an OEG application, if you have been harmed by a violent crime after 1976. Special rules apply for crimes before that year.

The application of OEG services can be filed at the Reginal Association which is responsible for your place of residence, for example the Reginal Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL). At the LWL, your application will be processed be the Office of Social Compensation Law [“Amt für soziales Entschädigungsrecht”]. You can find the online OEG application here:

You can only get compensation, if you helped to solve the crime. Meaning: Filing a police report or giving information about the perpetrator. If you haven’t filed a police report, you can explain the reasons to the Office. They will then decide, if you will get supply services nonetheless.

The timing at filing the application is crucial. File your application not later than one year after the violent crime. Then, you can get supply services from the date of the crime onwards. If you file your application later, you can get services from the date of application onwards.

We suggest that you get help with your application either from an experienced lawyer and/or from the Frauennotruf e.V. Bielefeld.

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