counseling center for women after sexual violence
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man fünf Hände mit verschiedener Hautfarbe, die übereinander gelegt werden.
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man fünf Frauen, nebeneinander, mit Blick in die Kamera, freundlich lächelnd. Das sind Frauen, die sich ehrenamtlich im Förderkreis vom Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. engagieren.


The „Förderkreis“ ist a small group of women who engage in voluntary activities. The women meet four or five times a year in work sessions. Here they plan activities that support the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. Within these activities, the women collaborate closely with the full-time employees of the Frauennotruf.

Supporting the public relations work as well as improving the Frauennotruf’s financial situation are the main goals. This is necessary, because unfortunately the important work that the Frauennotruf is doing cannot be financed fully by public authorities. Therefore, a few times every year we hold activities such as charity concerts, fundraising campaigns in the streets or annual selling of welfare stamps on the “Siggi Christmas market” (on the Siegfriedplatz) on the first advent weekend.

Two women of the Förderkreis support the Frauennotruf’s appearance in social media: They maintain the website and the Facebook page.

They also participate in designing flyers, help with big shipments, put up posters around the city, bake cake for activities, and much more.

The collaboration is characterized by the friendly community and the diverse and interesting activities.

We are always happy to welcome new interested and enthusiastic women who want to join the Förderkreis!

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