counseling center for women after sexual violence
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Further information and offers

  1. Help in case of acute danger:


Phone: 08000116016

The nationwide helpline “violence against women” is available 365 days a year, around the clock, free of charge and anonymous upon request. If needed, you will be given support options close to your location. Consultations via phone, email, and chat are barrier-free. You can get counsel in 17 different languages as well as sign language. Family, friends and professionals can use the helpline for questions and information.

Women help women – Frauenhaus e.V.

Phone: (0521) 177376


Refuge and housing for women aged 18 years and older, who have to escape domestic violence. Available day and night.

Frauenhaus der Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO)

Phone: (0521) 5 21 36 36

Refuge and housing for women aged 18 and older, who have to escape domestic violence. Available day and night.

Girls‘ House – Mädchenhaus

The Girls’ House Bielefeld e.V. is a counselling center and shelter for girls aged 12 years and older.

Consultations BI Tel: (0521) 17 30 16, Shelter BI Tel: (0521) 2 10 10


The shelter is a house in a secret place in Bielefeld where girls and young women between 12 and 21 years of age can live for a certain amount of time.

Place-searching in a women’s shelter – Frauenhaus-Platz-Suche

Here you can find information about vacant places in women’s shelters/refuges in NRW, quick and easy. Furthermore, you can find crucial information about support options for women who are dealing with violence.

Hospital Städt. Kliniken Bielefeld-Mitte 

Emergency Departement

Teutoburger Str. 50, 33604 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 5 81-0


Medical primary care after sexual violence. In case of suspected knockout drops: urine testing free of charge. Securing of evidence anonymously (insurance card is needed).

  1. Bundesverband bff „Gewalt gegen Frauen“

The bff is the Federal association of women’s advice centers and women’s emergency hotlines in Germany. You can get detailed information on all topics concerning sexual violence, the different forms of violence, statistics, numbers and studies in the information centre (“Infothek”).

bff flyers, brochures and books about different topics such as stalking, digital violence, advice for relatives etc. are available for download at:

  1. Contact points in Bielefeld

Pro Familia
Stapenhorststraße 5
33615 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 12 40 73

Counsel in questions and problems about partnerships, sexuality, family planning and pregnancy.

Psychologische Frauenberatung e.V. [Psychological counselling for women]

Ernst-Rein-Straße 33
33613 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 12 15 97

Counsel and therapy for women aged 16 and older, i.a. in cases of life crisis, separation conflicts, violent relationships; various group offernings

Social-pediatric Center Evangelic Hospital

Grenzweg 3
33617 Bielefeld

Phone: (05 21) 7 22-7 81 89


Diagnostic, counsel and therapy for families, e.g. in cases of sexual abuse of toddlers.

Wildwasser Bielefeld e.V.

Sudbrackstr. 36a
33613 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 17 54 76

Counsel for women who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood; contact and gathering place for women.

Counselling center for people with disabilities

Amt für soziale Leistungen [Office for Social Benefits]
Niederwall 23
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: 0521-51-5051
Fax: 0521-51-3297


Counsel and information about possible help and support. Counsel in sign language is available.

Café 3b

Feilenstr. 3
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: 0521-60202
Fax: 0521 – 96 78 43 13


Counsel and leisure activities for people with and without disabilities in and around Bielefeld.

Ärztliche Beratungsstelle gegen Vernachlässigung und Misshandlung von Kindern e.V. [Medical Counselling Center against Neglect and Abuse of Children]

Ernst-Rein-Str. 53
33613 Bielefeld

Phone: 0521 130813
Fax: 0521 3054659


Counsel and therapy in cases of neglect and abuse of children.

AIDS-Hilfe Bielefeld e.V. [AIDS Organization Bielefeld]

Ehlentruper Weg 45a
33604 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 13 33 88

Counsel regarding sexual matters, HIV and Aids.

EigenSinn – Prävention von sexualisierter Gewalt an Mädchen und Jungen e.V. [Prevention of sexual violence against girls and boys]

Marktstraße 38
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 13 37 96

Information and seminars for teachers, parents, and pupils.

Gleichstellungsbeauftragte für Frauenfragen [Equal Opportunities Officer for Women’s issues]

Stadt Bielefeld
Altes Rathaus
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: 05 21/51-20 18

Contact and information point for women for different topics.

Mädchenhaus Bielefeld [Girl’s House Bielefeld]

Renteistr. 14
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: 05 21/17 30 16
Counselling phone: 0521-17 30 16


Counsel for girls in emergency and situations and crises because of sexual abuse, threat and abuse; trial process support

Kriminalkommissariat 11 [Police Station 11]

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 46
33615 Bielefeld
Phone: (05 21) 5 45-0


Police station for investigations in cases of crimes against sexual self-determination or in cases of domestic violence.

KK 44 Kriminalprävention/ Opferschutz [Crime Prevention / Victim Protection]

Director: Herr Spilker
Markgrafenstr. 7
33602 Bielefeld
Phone: 0521-5837 2550

Police station for prevention and counsel in various cases, e.g. stalking and protection options

Weißer Ring

Branch office Bielefeld, Ilse Haase

Phone: 05206/7054722
Fax: 05206/7054723

Contact in the matter of victim support and crime prevention.



  1. Further Contact Points

LWL – Amt für soziales Entschädigungsrecht [Office for social compensation law]

Von-Vincke-Str. 23-25
48143 Münster

Phone: 0251 591-01

Information hotline to the OEG: 0800/654-654-60

Appplication for compensation according to the compensation law

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