counseling center for women after sexual violence
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Councelling at Bielefeld University

Since 1999, the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. offers open office hours on behalf of the women’s office or rather the equal opportunities representative of Bielefeld University. As a training institution and workplace, Bielefeld University is not free of sexual discrimination and violence, no more than other social institutions.

Every Thursday, open office hours are held at Bielefeld University with an employee of the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. Students of all faculties as well as employees of Bielefeld University from science, technology and administration can contact our employee Larah Horstkotte with their questions and concerns about “sexual discrimination and violence”.

Our understanding of „Sexual discrimination and violence“ includes for example sexual harassment at work, your studies or apprenticeship, sexual violence and stalking.

The counsel is meant for all women (regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation/identity etc.) and can be used anonymously. During the consultation, we try to gauge the situation together with the affected person, to unburden her and to develop possible actions. These can range from individual/personal actions all the way to official complaint procedures within the university. We support you with your decision making and all further steps. At the same time, we as a counselling centre act independently of the university and fell bound to the decisions and wishes of the person seeking advice.

You can find further information on the homepage of Bielefeld University.

In 2018, the federal conference of women’s and equal opportunities representatives of higher education institutions (bukof) has published detailed information on the topic of sexual discrimination and violence.

In April 2001, as one of the first higher education institutions in Germany, Bielefeld University published the directive against sexual discrimination and violence at Bielefeld University.


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