counseling center for women after sexual violence
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man fünf Hände mit verschiedener Hautfarbe, die übereinander gelegt werden.
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man unten rechts im Bild eine Frau, die in die Kamera lächelt. Hinter ihr sieht man die Eingangssituation vom Landgericht Bielefeld: blaue Metall-Bögen, ein Stein-Schild mit der Aufschrift „LANDGERICHT“ und einen Teil vom alten Teil des Gerichts-Gebäudes.

Psycho-social process support (Psychosoziale Prozessbegleitung)

Since 2017, girls and women who have experienced sexual violence are entitled to psycho-social process support.

We offer psycho-social process support. But what does that mean?

Even before filing a police report, we give you lots of information on what you have to expect as a witness, what will happen at the police station and later on in court. We explain to you what is expected of you as a witness and what rights you have as a witness in such criminal proceedings. We give you information on how you can get support by a lawyer and how we can support you as well.

When you decide to file a police report, we will accompany you to the police station if you want us to. We will also help you find a knowledgeable, competent lawyer.

Some time before the hearing/trial, we will take a look at the courtroom and explain to you who will sit where and how exactly the hearing will take place. We will also take a look at the witness chamber, a room in which we can wait with you on the trail day until you are called as witness. We also reflect together with you how you could reduce stresses and fears on the trail day and which exercises could help you to feel  more stable.

We will accompany you to court on trial day. We pass the waiting time together with you in the witness chamber and can sit next to you when you give your statement in the courtroom if you want us to.

After the trial is over, we will talk to you about the trail and the judgement. We can also consider together if further consultations or therapy could be helping you in dealing with what you experienced.

Our psycho-social process support is always free of charge for you. We support you in the application process.


Flyer “Psychosoziale Prozessbegleitung” (german)

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