counseling center for women after sexual violence
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man fünf Hände mit verschiedener Hautfarbe, die übereinander gelegt werden.
Hier ist ein Bild. Darauf sieht man das Logo vom Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. Es ist grau und orange mit der Aufschrift „FRAUEN Notruf Bielefeld e.V. 12 42 48“ und einem orangenen Kreis, in dem ein weißes Telefon zu sehen ist.

Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V.

Since 1982, the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. has been dealing with the issue of sexual violence. We consult and support women from the age of 16 who currently experience sexual violence or have experienced it in the past. We also give advice to reference persons: family, friends or professional assistants.

  • Consultations are confidential, free of charge and anonymous upon request.
  • The Frauennotruf is a safe place as only women are allowed to enter the consultation rooms.
  • The Frauennotruf does public relations work concerning sexual violence against women.
  • Networking and political work are some other important fields of activity of the counselling center.

There are a lot of prejudices about the topic „sexual violence“. It is not easy to talk about sexual violence. A lot of women are ashamed. A lot of women are afraid. A lot of women do not file a police report after the crime.

The public relations work, networking and political work of the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. should achieve:

  • The people know more about the topic and have less prejudices.
  • The people understand the affected women’s situation better.
  • The affected women and girls can take courage again.
  • Counsel and support offers are known.

If you need support or information, please contact us!

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