counseling center for women after sexual violence
Hier ist ein Foto. Darauf sieht man fünf Hände mit verschiedener Hautfarbe, die übereinander gelegt werden.

Where to find us

By tram:

Take the tram line 3, get off the tram at „Wittekindstraße“.

Take the elevator upstairs. Turn left, walk past the bakery and cross the street towards the yellow letterbox. Turn left and pass a few more houses until you reach house number 57.

By car:

There is a low-priced car park: Jöllenbecker Straße 21, 33613 Bielefeld, “Parkhaus am Hauptbahnhof”, prices: 1€/hour (in 2018)

When you leave the car park and stand at Jöllenbecker Straße, turn left and walk up the street (past the LIDL supermarket) until you reach house number 57.

On ground level, the house holds the shop „Der Spanier“, its entrance is on the left. The entrance to the Frauennotruf e.V. is on the right side of the house.

We can pick you up at the tram station.

We can pick you up at the car park.

We can pick you up in front of the house / at the entrance door.


Exit button

This is the exit button.
In German it is called “Ausgang-Knopf”.
You can click here,
then the website will change quickly to the search engine “Google”.

You can use that
in case somebody enters the room:
This way, the person cannot see
that you are seeking help from us.

Caution: If you click on “back” (arrow button),
the website of the Frauennotruf Bielefeld e.V. will reappear.